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I love to share my stories and songs...Enjoy!


released July 18, 2000



all rights reserved


Rik Leaf

Rik Leaf has toured Canada writing, recording and performing songs with students for over 10 years. Rik uses his background in music, TV & Film to produce multi media projects that highlight the creative process. Rik is the Creative Director for, Tribe of One, a national collective of indigenous artists. ... more

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Track Name: When You're With Me
I’m too young and you’re too pretty
I’m too country and you’re too city
I think you know what I mean
A moment’s too short a memory’s too long
The only home we own is the road
Let’s drive tonight singing our song

I look at you now and I see how the world can be
Beautiful where you are with me
The wind in our face is chasing the clouds away
A moment like this is no time to waste

Making our way through a media haze
The prophets are preaching the end of days
I swear I’ve never felt more alive
Under the stars dreaming up ours
From the Dipper up north to the Cross in Aus
Riding through the night on a Milky Way

Nobody knows the dice till they’re thrown
Or what they can win till they’re willing to lose
You and me we’re bending the rules
Breaking the mold
Living the dream by letting it grow
Track Name: The Miracle
See life for the miracle it could be
Should be, you know it would be
When you’re with me

After all I’ve seen you know I’m still amazed
How wild life is when it’s let out of the cage
My heart will heal so it can break again
If it’s wrong to love you then I know I’ll sin
You make me laugh when I want to cry
Bite my tongue when I want to fight
Memories fade like a setting sun
It’s time to run if can you she said…

See life for the miracle it could be
Should be, you know it would be
When you’re with me

Growing older love gets bolder
And I’m not going to lie it’s the light in your eye
When you follow your heart every hurt plays a part
As you start to set the world on fire
Over the years we’ve sailed away
On waves of reality and make believe
Riding the tides high and low
We made our home along the way… where we
Track Name: The Rock
Standing here on The Rock
Look around friends are all you got
Stars align overhead
Tonight the ocean will be our bed
Track Name: Solve That Problem (Songs From Schools)
We got to think it through
To know what to do
Yeah me and you
We can reach for the sky
You and I we can learn how to fly

If there’s a hole in your sock
Your pencils broke
Backpacks wet can’t find your coat
Got to figure it out 2x

If there’s an argument and a toy got bent
Got to make it so it’s no one’s fault
Just share it 2x
Track Name: There For You (Songs From Schools)
When you’ve fallen and you need someone
Take my hand I will help you up
If you feel like you’re all alone
Call on me, I’m listening
I’ll be, I’ll be there for you….ooh x2

If you’re hurting deep inside
I’ll be there, by your side
You can count on me every day
This is why I want to say
I’ll be, I’ll be there for you….ooh x4

Some days the clouds roll in
And you can’t see the sun
It leaves you feeling blue
And you don’t know what to do Well it’s okay cause I’m your friend
You can ask me anything
Take my hand I will help you stand
Together we will sing again
Track Name: Together We're Better (Songs From Schools)
I like me
And I like you
When we all get together
We’re better it’s true
When we all get together….whoo!

We love to play fair
We love to be kind
We want to make sure
Everybody is fine
Track Name: We're Unbelievable (Songs From Schools)
Walk the halls (repeat)
In someone else’s shoes (repeat)
Think of the ways (repeat)
You can make their day (repeat)
Where we’re happy

We’re Unbelievable 3x
Every single day
Track Name: You Light Up My Life (Songs From Schools)
I love your kindness
Yeah you are the finest
Friend I ever hoped to find
You fill my heart and mind
Light up my life
Every day and night

Let me tell you about the kind of kind friend
Don’t leave you hanging
Feeling upside down
They pick you up
When you feel like giving up
Make your heart start singing
Like a bird in a treetop

I believe in you I’m here for you
Don’t give up I’m going to see you through
I got your back and that’s a fact
We can do anything we put our mind to
Track Name: Be Mindful (Songs From Schools)
Think before you do or say….anything

Got to listen with your whole body
To really hear everybody
Use your eyes & your ears
Let your wise leader be in charge

Cause you can do it if you never give up
Say you’re sorry if you hurt someone else
You can do it if you never give up
You just got to believe in yourself…yeah