It's a Gift to be Real

by Rik Leaf

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released October 31, 2011



all rights reserved


Rik Leaf

Rik Leaf has toured Canada writing, recording and performing songs with students for over 10 years. Rik uses his background in music, TV & Film to produce multi media projects that highlight the creative process. Rik is the Creative Director for, Tribe of One, a national collective of indigenous artists. ... more

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Track Name: Every Day
I take another clumsy step
I stumble over what I have said
I reach out my trembling hand
afraid that you won’t return the gesture
Now I see I’m more complete
Every day that I can’t live without you
Now I feel I’m more complete
Every day that I can’t live without you
I am tempted in every way
To ask you to turn the light from me
The more I undress my soul before you
I fear I’ll be rejected
Track Name: Sometimes (Remix)
When the absence of the bruise
Undermines the pain
You long for your purple welt
To grace your skin again
You miss the intensity
That made you jealous and crazy
Cause you felt alive
When you felt insane
I fell through you, sometimes
I still feel you when I’m alone
I breathe you in after you’re gone
Like my refuge you are my storm
Until all this longing starts to feel like home
Track Name: Precious Little
We try to keep a smile on our brave face
We try to survive another day
When there’s so much that we could say
That would rain on our parade
We talk of love and we talk of life
As if we’ve seen evidence of
What we believe is true
Is it just me do you feel it too?
I say I’ll pray, if it will make you feel better
I’ll keep it simple give you something to live for
When I’m alone it hurts to be honest
There’s precious little to point to
We talk about healing and trust
We all believe in something we have
Never seen, or held or been
Forgive me if I seem forgetful
The promises of hope and peace
Have all swept into the sea
Of pain and doubt
But the tide is real enough that drags me out into it
Say you’ll pray, it will make me feel better
Keep it simple give me something to live for
When I’m alone and it hurts to be honest
There’s precious little I can point to…
Or that I’d want to
Track Name: Empty Bottles
Tonight, we’re moving mountains
We’re holding healing in the palm of our hands
Reaching out to lay hold
Of something bigger than ourselves

The simple things are best
When they’re broken between friends
These empty bottles show
All we’ve given of ourselves

It takes, so long to say so little
Thank god we’ve given ourselves
The time that we need
If we ever hope to know how it feels
To love outside our fear
Track Name: I've Got a Friend
Will you be the rain to wash the desert from me?
Be the wind when the calm steals my breath away?
Will you be the quiet when the voices won’t stop?
Will you be provision when my hands are not?

I’ve got a friend

Will you heal the scars too painful to touch?
Wrestle my thoughts back from the dark?
Will you make my walls salvation and peace?
And let me in through, though the gates of praise?
Track Name: Lay Down Lover
She’s an interesting conversation
Carried on a stream of conscious behavior
When the clouds of distraction blow through my mind
I forget the simple pleasures I found held in her arms

Lay down lover (4x)
She always seems to sing
Lay down lover (4x)
…with me
I love to hear her say

I lay down on the burning sand of her affection
I taste the salt on her lips rise like confession
I ask ‘is my strength a curse or a weakness’?
She reaches to hold me as she quietly whispers

Fall into light (refrain)

I’ll spend all night searching for the day to…
Fall into love, fall into light, fall into love, fall into life