now is the winter of our discontent

by Rik Leaf

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released October 3, 2007


all rights reserved



Rik Leaf

Rik Leaf has toured Canada writing, recording and performing songs with students for over 10 years. Rik uses his background in music, TV & Film to produce multi media projects that highlight the creative process. Rik is the Creative Director for, Tribe of One, a national collective of indigenous artists. ... more

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Track Name: Coffee Coloured Night
Rik Leaf, 2006

Caught in a coffee colored night I throw my lot in with yours
For the better we believe is just beyond the worse
The night keeps getting closer now it’s resting on our shoulders
Above our heads the clouds are tumbling like a house falling in
Remember when I first fell into your reflection?
Woman is - woman this is love’s confession
We spent every borrowed moment like it might be our last
We never gave in when it all caved in on our heads
I love you like the king who finally found his queen
When he took off his crown and laid it at her feet
Let’s make our way across the bridge of broken expectations
On the other side the great divide seems to come together
The only fear that can touch me here is where I’d be
Without your light to guide me through the dark night of the soul
We’ll spend every borrowed moment like it might be our last
We never gave in when it all caved in on our heads
I love you like a king who’s finally found his queen
I take off my crown and lay it at your feet
Track Name: Days of Wonder
On the shores of pain where the sand is stained with innocence
A child said come lie down let me show you what I have found
The pearls deep down in the blue and green
Are the brightest you’ll ever see
The waves that drag you under are the ones that let you see
Return again days of wonder
Every day it feels like I’m falling farther away
Return to me days of wonder
In every sound and colour
Stand and look around let me tell you what I feel
The fire I’ve tried to control has gotten away from me
There’s a drum beat beating down the door
There’s a voice in the wind blowing from the north
Calling me tonight to light up in the night
Come down love (repeat)
Got to remember…not to forget (repeat)
Track Name: What We've Been Waiting For
I’ve come to tempt you to believe
We are more powerful
Than we ever thought we were
More than beautiful that ever
We’re what we’ve been waiting for
This fight isn’t over it will be over when we say
Can you see through the smoke and the mirrors?
The future is more beautiful
Than anything we’ve seen so far
So much more you and I are
What we’ve been waiting for
Inside the dream pulled apart at the seams
The story stays the same
Out on the street or down on your knees
The story stays the same
You and I are what we have been
Looking for, waiting for
Waiting for our whole life
Track Name: Our Love
Your love has ruined me and I know you’d say the same
Still I can’t wait to feel you again
Our love was meant for us to carry us through another day
Our love was meant for us to strengthen us for another day
You are all over me in all I do and in all I say
You make life more clear to me
More laughable, bearable and sometimes serious
Our love was made for us to carry us through another day
Our love was meant for us to strengthen us for another day
I need you love, I need your love more today
I need your love, more than ever and ever and ever love
Track Name: Fly Away
Little bird fly away, little bird fly away
You’ve been praying for this day to come your way
You’ve waited so long, believing on your own
As the angels gather around
And they sing, listen to them sing
‘Come rest awhile in the shadow of our wings’
I will believe in a little bit of heaven to come now for you
Little bird fly again you’ve come too far to give in
Though the storm clouds roll and you’re battered by the wind
Your wounded heart will heal
Lift your head and you will see the rainbow come filling the sky
So I sing, listen to me sing
I’ll give myself for you to rise and fly again
I will believe in a little bit of heaven to come now for you
When healing mends our broken wings we’ll rise and fly again
A new day is dawning the sun is rising on the world of men
Morning’s come the sun has risen in the heart of man
Track Name: Learning to Let Go
Another day of numbing pain erases memories of all the years
I thought I had what was coming to me
It’s hard to explain how broken really feels
It’s harder still if you have never really healed
I’m learning to let go and live every moment that life offers
I’m learning to let go learning and love all life’s emotions
Her room is on the 2cd floor two windows down from mine
The moon hangs above her head as we both watch her cry
Her voice is tired from all she has strength to say
Her heart is a weight filled with all that she’s left unsaid
She’s learning to hold on when everything feels hopeless
She’s learning to let go and love all life’s emotions
I never knew I’d feel anything like this
And now that I do I can’t imagine feeling anything else
God bless the beauty that’s only seen at night
When the darkness over takes the light
God bless the lonely and the comfort that we seek
In the peace that never sleeps
Track Name: Rather be Held
I’d rather be held more than understood any day
In the end I just want to find a friend that feels this way
Pushed to the limit every moment leaves me wasted
I’ve never known another way to live
My dreams haunt me when I’m wide-awake

I want to find my way to you
Nothing else will ever do
I’ve got to find my way to you
Nothing else will get me through

I’d paint the world with all the colours that I could
Before black and white
Now that I know what it is I’m fighting for
And not just against
If life is what we make it a world of love is just a breath away
Throw away the keys unlock the door to all your dreams
Come fly with me
Track Name: Only One Story
In the sea of humanity they’re the slow moving stream
Ghosts that haunt the graveyard of broken promises and dreams
The shopping cart brigade and their second hand parade
That greet each morning empty handed
“Hey mister, can you spare to change?
Before you answer, can you afford to look away?”
This is my city, this is my home
A little piece of history to call my own
It’s the dark side of ambition
The other side of the coin we invest in
When we forget our own
The shape of our denial paves the way for our descent
Between what we mean and what we said
The make believe we tell ourselves so we can sleep
Through the nightmares and the terrors that walk our streets
The lines we’ve drawn for right and wrong
That lets one get weaker so another gets strong
This is our country, this is our home
A little piece of history to call our own
The dark side of ambition
The other side of the coin we invest in
When we forget our own
There’s only one story
Only one, only one story
Track Name: One Day with You
What would I do without you?
Oh please don’t ask
I’d be an empty shell on an empty shore
Where the waves don’t come anymore
Like a reed that’s bruised the slightest breeze
Would tear me like a sword
I couldn’t bear to face a year or even a single day
You dawn like the sun like the morning you come
You’re the angel who taught me to pray
Better is one day with you than a thousand anywhere else
You have made me more than I’d have ever dreamed I’d be
Now I’m like a ship not tossed but guided by this sea
Hold me forever oh but only hold me here
I love you so much more than when we met
Then I loved what my eyes could see
Now I love what you’ve come to mean
You’ve taken a selfish self-centered soul
And given it hope to breathe
Track Name: It's My Life
It’s another Monday morning
Where the world feels cold and ugly
It’s funny I’m the one left standing
Screaming like a madman
Possessed by a vision only I can see
It’s my life to dare to dream
It’s my life I will play the fool who falls
Head over heels
It might be that I’m simple
Derive some twisted pleasure being out of my mind
Driven by a deeper hunger for some secret lover
Who has me undone
It’s the only life I’ve wanted since I’ve can remember
It’s the only hope I’ve offered myself every night and day
The one thing that I can’t handle comfortably…is my life
Hang on, hang on
To the frayed seams, to your broken dreams
Don’t you dare let go
Track Name: Pretty Good Me
Music is the voice of my soul
The words are just something for you to hold
This image is a piece of me
You throw away more than you keep
But I know, I do a pretty good me
You think I’d understand the difference
I know you heard my voice
But you weren’t listening
I rant and rave about this rut
Cause I hate sucking on life’s hind tit
When I know, I do a pretty good me
The circle of life spins me around and ‘round
I find myself beside where I began
A little boy with parts like a man
I couldn’t find my ass if I used both hands
But I know, I do a pretty good me