Rik Leaf - Live

by Rik Leaf

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Rik Leaf - Live is a growing collection of music recorded live throughout 2011


released February 18, 2011



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Rik Leaf

Rik Leaf has toured Canada writing, recording and performing songs with students for over 10 years. Rik uses his background in music, TV & Film to produce multi media projects that highlight the creative process. Rik is the Creative Director for, Tribe of One, a national collective of indigenous artists. ... more

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Track Name: Rather be Held
I’d rather be held more than understood any day
In the end I just want to find a friend that feels this way
Pushed to the limit every moment leaves me wasted
I’ve never known another way to live
My dreams haunt me when I’m wide-awake

I want to find my way to you
Nothing else will ever do
I’ve got to find my way to you
Nothing else will get me through

I’d paint the world with all the colours that I could
Before black and white
Now that I know what it is I’m fighting for
And not just against
If life is what we make it a world of love is just a breath away
Throw away the keys unlock the door to all your dreams
Come fly with me
Track Name: Brokenhearted

I was just 10 years old when I met an old man at a corner store
Said come sit awhile son I’ve something to tell you
Love can be a powerful thing
She can heal the sick or make a deaf man sing
But love can leave you cold and brokenhearted
I should know cause I sold my soul
She was the only thing I ever wanted to hold
But she slipped through my fingers like fools gold in the morning
And left me brokenhearted

Broke, broke, broke, broke my heart (3x)

I said old man I can feel your pain believe it or not I’ve felt the same
I may be 10 but I’ve been brokenhearted
Being a child is a powerful thing
You can dream up worlds and teach them all to sing
But when you open your eyes you can’t describe the feeling
I may be young only just a child
Even my momma says my spirit’s wild
When I try to give in leaves me feeling like a sinner


He took a drag on his cigarette and with smoke ring halos above his head
And a voice like a gravel road said son I believe you
Pulled out his worn guitar and we sang the blues until the sun climbed higher
Before we went and faced another day brokenhearted
Track Name: One Day with You
What would I do without you?
Oh please don’t ask
I’d be an empty shell on an empty shore
Where the waves don’t come anymore
Like a reed that’s bruised the slightest breeze
Would tear me like a sword
I couldn’t bear to face a year or even a single day
You dawn like the sun like the morning you come
You’re the angel who taught me to pray
Better is one day with you than a thousand anywhere else
You have made me more than I’d have ever dreamed I’d be
Now I’m like a ship not tossed but guided by this sea
Hold me forever oh but only hold me here
I love you so much more than when we met
Then I loved what my eyes could see
Now I love what you’ve come to mean
You’ve taken a selfish self-centered soul
And given it hope to breathe
Track Name: Je Me Souviens
Je Me Souviens
Rik Leaf/Marie-Josée Clement, 2008
In our hearts a thousand threads unwind
The tangled web is the tie that binds
Pulling us together as we’re tearing apart
Trying to find the centre and not knowing where to start
Tonight I feel hopeful caught up in a moment
Knowing we’ve chosen much more
Tonight we’re falling in caught up in
Knowing we’ve been so much more
We cracked the glass we cannot repair
All our broken pieces are held there in the mirror
In the silence there is so much to hear
So many things worth fighting for so many to fear
Tonight I feel hopeful caught up in a moment
Knowing we’ve chosen so much more
Tonight were falling in caught up in
Knowing we’ve been so much more
Je me souviens
Je me souviens de ton odeur de tes cicatrices
Le parcours de notre histoire gravé dans ma mémoire
Pour ne rien oublié je tiens ma parole
Je me souviens
Ont se détourne je tourne je tourne je tourne pour toi
Consommé lié empiégé je me souviens
Même quand on s’oppose je tombe pour toi
Même quand on se lutte je tombe pour toi
Je tombe je tombe je tombe je suis tombé de toi
Je perds la raison mais je suis tombé de toi
Je tiens ma parole alors je suis tombé de toi
Je tombe je tombe je tombe je suis tombé de toi
Track Name: Lately
Lately the days have been lazy
When the rain starts falling
I can’t get out of bed
I’m hanging to a memory
All these rainy days can’t wash away

1-2-3-4 knocking on my door
It’s the sound of my heart
Wanting more

I remember last year in September
Like leaves in autumn
Those days have faded away
I never dreamed I’d ever
Look back and wish that
I was still there


do, do, do, do, do

Lately…it’s been driving me crazy
To be so far away from where you are


Lately the days have been lazy
When the rain starts falling
I can’t get out of bed
Track Name: The Maple Leaf
The Maple Leaf
Rik Leaf, 2008

As the harbor draws near the Pacific disappears
In the bight lights of Vancouver
From the bay we make our way along the highway
And start to climb from sea to sky
Before we leave we make a point of eating cherries from the tree
And drinking wine in the Okanagan
As we pass through Banff we have our first chance to see
A prairie sky set on fire far and wide
Underneath the maple leaf we are drawn together
Underneath the maple leaf we are one
We set sail and for days we cross the endless waves of wheat
That crash against the shore under our wheels
Outside the Sault the sun breaks through the fog
As we cut our rugged path along north Superior
Underneath the maple leaf we are drawn together
Underneath the maple leaf we are one
We wind our way through narrow lanes in old Quebec
To look across the sea way from Le Château Frontenac
You can almost hear the sounds of 1759
Echoing across the Plains of Abraham
Then we walk the white sand along the beach at Martinique
Eating mussels and drinking Alexander Keith’s
We raise a toast at the edge of the Atlantic coast
To the new found land where it all began
So raise your voice from the west to the east
To the truth north strong and free
Track Name: Silver Lining
Silver Lining
Rik Leaf, 2008
Barefoot in broken glass and ruined promises
Darkness from the past bleeds through our bandages
As I press myself against the wound
The dark night could be our silver lining
There’s a candle in a window burning
You can find it
A new day dawning to discover
There’s a new revolution
Calling sons and daughters
The story’s in the lines
Scattered thoughts and ruined lives
Beauty is in remembering
Where we’re going and where we’ve been
The future is in you and me
The dark night could be our silver lining
Track Name: Under Stars & Streetlights
Under Stars and Streetlights
Rik Leaf, 2008
Across a crowded room I watch the way you make a space around you
I cross the party traffic, the smiles of plastic, before I reach you, you slide from view
Through the open window your footsteps echo under stars and street lights I follow
Through the falling snow and growing cold I walk in your footprints as they disappear
All I want is to spend one life with you
Why couldn’t we why shouldn’t we now make it all up as we make our way from here
I can’t think of anyone anywhere you and I have less than
I think we have more than most can ever even wish for
I pull along as you climb in you flash a Botticelli because you know it’ll make me laugh
In sight and sound god knows I found the perfect portrait to picture as my own
As we move through the city the sidewalks and streets are busy with crowds moving slowly
In the red-orange glow of taillights heading north in the front seat we write this song