Trailerpark Opera

by Rik Leaf

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released October 10, 1998



all rights reserved


Rik Leaf

Rik Leaf has toured Canada writing, recording and performing songs with students for over 10 years. Rik uses his background in music, TV & Film to produce multi media projects that highlight the creative process. Rik is the Creative Director for, Tribe of One, a national collective of indigenous artists. ... more

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Track Name: Sam
A mother’s afraid of this child who isn’t
She’ll press near her skin the words of confusion
And make sense of them
She’s left like a stone cold in the garden surrounded
The chaos that breeds the order she breathes
Is welcome

I love when the words call (refrain)

I love when the words crawl from her tongue
and they call out to me
and crawl over me
and they fall over me

She listens inside the silence she finds expressing
Her lips make a gate to let me escape serenity
A night with no mourning light without heat warms me
Like guilt without sin she steals the peace of my mind
Track Name: Speaks Much Better
Open your eyes to see what's before you
Please say a prayer, to open your mind
Reach deep inside
Pull back the blinds
Until the light fills your mind
And you wonder, how could I have missed this till now?
I don't know why
But today feels better
I don't know why
But it speaks much better to me
Speak with your life
The beauty is simple
Please would you take the time
To listen awhile
Track Name: Convictions
I sing when I’m happy
I scream when I’m mad
I sink in depression
I waver a lot

I hold my convictions in the palm of my hand
Until the time to let them sink or swim

Then I sing of our life together
When we lived like brothers
And the day that we fell
Out of touch as much as time

I have written the note
That says goodbye forever
I resist temptation
But last night I took it home

I live my life messy
Like it’s one big mistake
I talk a lot when I drink
I talk a lot when I don’t
Track Name: Only Been a Week
My life before I met you, was like a photograph
It’s a color picture that I lived in black and white.
I hate looking in my mirror; I hate standing in my eyes
It’s such a boring picture, of an ordinary guy.

None’s talking like they really mean to speak
Seems like forever, and it’s only been a week.

I say, oh, oh, oh,

The night that I met you, I felt like I was blind
And the Holy Virgin Mother carried me inside.
I started to see something, looked like a light
But getting through this tunnel was like giving up on life.

Is someone talking like they really mean to speak?
It seems like forever but it’s only been a week.

Looking ‘round the corners, put some change together
But I started to feel hollow, when I forgot who I was.
Are you looking to discover, dirty deeds in me?
You won’t have to look much further, than just skin deep.

Now I’m talking like I really mean to speak
It seems like forever but it’s only been a week.
Track Name: Amy's Song
What can you tell me of truth? 2x
Every claw that scrapes up every wave

Blessing hurts when it pounds what you’ve made

What can you tell me of hope? 2x
It looks like a painting on a wall without windows or a door
And yet you feel as if you’ve got the penthouse view

What can you tell me of pain? 2x
It crosses borders and shakes hands
With healing in the waterfalls of shame

What can you tell me of peace? 2x
It begs your tongue to nest in silence
And licks the salt from the lips that are honest

What can you tell me of faith? 2x
You’ll wait a lifetime for the answers
To the questions you haven’t asked…yet

What can you tell me of love?
It’s when falling doesn’t mean fallen
And bleeding doesn’t mean you failed
Broken bones can heal there and so can broken souls
Track Name: Knowing You
She only found her way
Where the wind could make her sway
And children teach the priests to play.

Out beyond the border fence
Where you use your common sense
And live your life as if you’re still alive.

Knowing you
I wanted to
Get naked for myself.
Knowing you
I wanted to
Get naked from myself.

Out where you hear the truth
From liars and the thieves they trust
The man upstairs is finally upside down.

The swirls curl into
Flowers that run down my skin
Like showers in a field that’s never mown.
Track Name: Words of Comfort
My body’s shaken, my frame is bent
My face is pouring rain, my heart is a mess
As I see my selfish man, rising from his grave
When his eyes wash over me, I truly feel afraid

Words of comfort break down on my tongue
Until I’m left without one
Words of comfort break down on my tongue and leave me…

How can it be choices, that left us in this state?
That’s so much higher than, this child size faith.
The choice I made to reach for you, and let you crawl inside
Never knew it could mean this, but it knew that I needed to.

The worst part about it, I know I can live
Another day full of moments,
When all I want is a moment of peace,
to touch me
Track Name: I Love You More
How many times could you hear, that I love you
Before you would tire of me and ask me to stop?

Let me weep
Let me cry
Let me bleed
Let me die
Let me fall away from everything
That keeps me from saying

I, Oh I love you more

How many times could I hear that you love me
Before I would tire of you and ask you to stop?
Track Name: Open
You give me my words from your silence.
A breath of fresh air to burn in my lungs.
In your movement I found the music
When we left freedom to fend for itself.

When I’m falling, and I’m drifting, when I’m turning,
Into you

You’ve given so much here for me to miss.
I open my hands filled with emptiness
I look around me to see what I can find
To hold onto when I slip inside you,

Where I’m falling, and I’m twisting, and I’m turning
Into you

I open my mouth, I open my mouth, I open my mouth
And wait for you to fill me up.

You give me so much here to rise above.
Nothing that I hate, but everything I love.
I can’t let you in, and I can’t keep you out
When I’m all alone, I kick myself around

When I’m falling, and I’m drifting, when I’m turning
Into you

I open my eyes, I open my eyes, I open my eyes
And wait for you to fill me up.
Track Name: Sometimes
When the absence of the bruise
Undermines the pain
You long for your purple welt
To grace your skin again
You miss the intensity
That made you jealous and crazy
Cause you felt alive
When you felt insane
I fell through you, sometimes
I still feel you when I’m alone
I breathe you in after you’re gone
Like my refuge you are my storm
Until all this longing starts to feel like home
Track Name: Senseless Experience
So abrupt, so serious, so young to be so anal
Too alive, too clever, too depressed to be too simple
Very open, very curious, very cynical of being average
Hear and touch the taste of the senseless experience

Peering out from behind a fence it’s a wall
to hinge the gate from
That never opens to let the people in,
to a city that has no children
Only dust and all the broken things
that never worked until there was nothing
Can you hear and touch the taste of
The senseless experience?

The wind’s creeping through the street
only the street is twisting
Around corners that make circles to shapes inside a picture
It hangs where no one sees it the guests say that they weren’t invited
Did you hear the touch and taste of
The senseless experience?

Uninvited they search for a feast to lay their eyes on
But seeing felt like blisters laying naked in the grass
But it felt like pins with oysters
stuck in the arm that’s broken
Did you hear the touch and taste of
The senseless experience?