Tribe of One

by Rik Leaf

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released January 10, 2018


all rights reserved



Rik Leaf

Rik Leaf has toured Canada writing, recording and performing songs with students for over 10 years. Rik uses his background in music, TV & Film to produce multi media projects that highlight the creative process. Rik is the Creative Director for, Tribe of One, a national collective of indigenous artists. ... more

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Track Name: The Maple Leaf
As the harbor draws near the Pacific disappears
In the bright lights of Vancouver
From the bay we make our way along the highway
And start to climb from sea to sky
Before we leave we make a point of eating cherries from the tree
And drinking wine in the Okanagan
As we pass through Banff we have our first chance to see
A prairie sky set on fire far and wide
Underneath the maple leaf we are drawn together
Underneath the maple leaf we are one
We set sail and for days we cross the endless waves of wheat
That crash against the shore under our wheels
Outside the Sault the sun breaks through the fog
As we cut our rugged path along north Superior
We wind our way through narrow lanes in old Quebec
To look across the sea way from Le Château Frontenac
You can almost hear the sounds of 1759
Echoing across the Plains of Abraham
Then we walk the white sand along the beach at Martinique
Eating mussels and drinking Alexander Keith’s
We raise a toast at the edge of the Atlantic coast
To the new found land where it all began
So raise your voice from the west to the east
To the truth north strong and free
Track Name: Hope
Put your hope in The Man he gonna let you down every time
Put your hope in The Man he gonna let you down every time
Oh yeah you know he’ll change his name
But the story always stays the same
For all that time has stripped away
That’s the one thing that’ll never ever change
Got to build your home with a hope
With a hope that’ll let you dream
Got to hold onto a hope gonna make you believe
She’ll turn your world all upside down
You can touch the sky with your feet on the ground
Search with all your heart and soul cause if you find her son
You find pure gold
Hope gonna come gonna shake this town
Hope gonna turn it all upside down
Hope gonna come gonna rescue me
Here I am and hope’s coming for me
Track Name: Silver Lining
Barefoot in broken glass and ruined promises
Darkness from the past bleeds through our bandages
As I press myself against the wound
The dark night could be our silver lining
There’s a candle in a window burning you can find it
A new day dawning to discover
There’s a new revolution calling sons and daughters
The story’s in the lines scattered thoughts and ruined lives
Beauty is in remembering where we’re going and where we’ve been
The future is in you and me
The dark night could be our silver lining
Track Name: River City
After all the miles that have passed by under the wheels
I read the signs and find I’m finally here
Our story lines the city streets as seasons turn inside you and me
I find my way all the way to you
Coming home
A picture postcard painting memories
Coming home
Where candles line windows
To light the way for me
I walk along the river’s edge as traffic pours over Bluewater Bridge
If you asked me I’d tell you I love this place
Like a ship searching for open sea time and again time carries me
To the heart of this river city
The hand of the river carries the broken the lost and forgotten
The bruised and the bleeding all of us needing
Those healing hands of love
Track Name: Je Me Souviens
Rik Leaf, Marie-Josée Clement, 2008
In our hearts a thousand threads unwind
The tangled web is the tie that binds
Pulling us together as we’re tearing apart
Trying to find the centre not knowing where to start
Tonight I feel hopeful caught here in a moment
Knowing we’ve chosen so much more
Tonight falling in caught up in
Knowing we’ve been so much more
We cracked the glass we cannot repair
All our broken pieces held there in the mirror
In the silence there is so much to hear
So many things worth fighting for so many to fear
Tonight I feel hopeful caught here in a moment
Knowing we’ve chosen so much more
Tonight falling in caught up in
Knowing we’ve been so much more
In our hearts a thousand threads unwind
The tangled web is the tie that binds
Je me souviens
Je me souviens de ton odeur de tes cicatrices
Le parcours de notre histoire Gravé dans ma mémoire
Pour ne rien oublié Je tiens ma parole
Je me souviens souviens souviens
Ont se détourne je tourne je tourne je tourne pour toi
Consommé lié empiégé je me souviens
Même quand on s’oppose je tombe pour toi
Même quand on se lutte je tombe pour toi
Je tombe je tombe je tombe je suis tombé de toi
Je perds la raison mais je suis tombé de toi
Je tiens ma parole alors je suis tombé de toi
Track Name: Awake in the World
There’s no miracle drug no magic plan
No bright light shining here tonight
Just you and me honey is what we’ve got
When we get together that’s saying a lot
What started easy is getting hard
Ever dream we’d make it this far?
There’s more to our story more to be said
More to be written and more to be read
In the pain and the struggle buried in the rubble
We find ourselves a light in the tunnel
We lived the lies now we got the truth
Living it out in the black and blue
World - Waking the world
World - Awake in the world
There’s more to our story more to be said
More to be written and more to be read
The dirty little secret hanging in the room
You need me and I need you
It’s our dirty little secret filling up the room
You need me and I need you
We’re going to make them feel it
We’re going to make them see
We’re going to make them reach out
When we wake the world
Track Name: Lonely
Rik Leaf, 2008
Lost and alone your fingers worn from holding on
To a hope that’s been torn through suffering
Your glory grows like a rose in a field of thorns
Deep in the dark night of the soul
Lonely life can be so lonely
(with the world hanging on my shoulders)
Hold me and the night won’t feel so long
(carry me away)
Lonely life can be so bare
Through the black and blue
Beautiful bleeds right through
The light that shines in you
Jesus hangs in a picture frame on the wall behind me
In the paint a saint is revealed in suffering
Faintly drawn in the shape of a memory
I remember when his ghost used to haunt me
When the scars are all that’s left of the hurting
Buried deep underneath…your suffering
Lay your heart here on my altar
Stay until you are healed
Track Name: Blue Skies
Rik Leaf, 2008
I remember when you and I were younger
Dreaming of the world we’d discover
Things never really turned out that way
But when I look around I still feel the same
There’s beauty you can see and some you’ve got to be
When blue skies are growing the red river’s flowing
There’s a little bit of heaven here for you and me
Years have past as we’ve grown together
Our summer days slide by the window
We know more than we did then
We’ve learned to give and let life in
Remember when you and I discovered
The world we could make together
There’s beauty you can see
There’s some you can be
Track Name: Mama
Rik Leaf, 2008
Mama they’re selling us out
Hook line and sinker they’re going to sink us one and all
These crazy bastards have thrown wide the door
Put out a sign on the country that says ‘everything must go’ oh Mama no…
Mama wouldn’t you know
We just walk out of a scandal right into a fiasco
These crazy bastards get drunk on their own power
Start acting like God partying hard at happy hour…oh Mama no…
Oh Mama no…
Mama they’re selling our soul
On the open market where futures are bought and sold
These crazy bastards that hijack a faith
Turn Mohammad into a madman and Jesus into a beast…oh Mama no…
No, no, no-no-no-no….
Mama how can you stand
Being a powerful woman in a world of weak willed men
I’ve tried to see the world the way they have
But I can’t get my head far enough up my own ass…oh Mama no…
Track Name: Democracy in Drag
The siren song lures lunatics and madmen
Out of the woodwork in the year of election
Talking the walk like peacocks on procession
Fanning out the feathers of brightly held positions
Democracy in drag…
A bubblegum centre with a candy-coated crust
The iron-will we started with is covered in rust
You can say what you mean if you don’t mean it that way
In a D grade thriller it’s mostly filler anyway
Democracy in drag dressed up in a flag
Democracy in drag it’s a pride parade
Activists and anarchists ride to save the day
No idea what they’re for but they know what their against
Backbeats on garbage cans are pounded with precision
A splatter painting of decisive indecision
Media whores democracy in drag
Peddle their wars democracy in drag
Profit from the fear they cause…
Church and state democracy in drag
Separate democracy in drag
Choose your illusions and call it faith…
Rich white men with wonder-bread smiles
Pass out party favors like Santa’s little elves
There’s money if you’ve got some and more to give away
There’s a back door to the commons if you know who holds the key
Track Name: Under Stars & Streetlights
Rik Leaf, 2008
Across a crowded room I watch the way you make a space around you
I cross the party traffic, the smiles of plastic, before I reach you, you slide from view
Through the open window your footsteps echo under stars and street lights I follow
Through the falling snow and growing cold I walk in your footprints as they disappear
All I want is to spend one life with you
Why couldn’t we why shouldn’t we now make it all up as we make our way from here
I can’t think of anyone anywhere you and I have less than
I think we have more than most can ever even wish for
I pull along as you climb in you flash a Botticelli because you know it’ll make me laugh
In sight and sound god knows I found the perfect portrait to picture as my own
As we move through the city the sidewalks and streets are busy with crowds moving slowly
In the red-orange glow of taillights heading north in the front seat we write this song
Track Name: Beau Sommeil
Rik Leaf, Marie-Josée Dandeneau, 2008
The shadows are falling
The length of the room
The quiet’s been growing
Between me and you
Quelle que soit qui te déçoit
J’en ôte les larmes
Je berce tes peines
Je te promets que tout ira mieux
Respire un peu ou..
Ferme tes yeux
I’ll wait here for morning
Right by your side
I’m trying to reach you
To hold you tonight
Quelle que soit qui te déçoit
J’en ôte les larmes
Je berce tes peines
Je te promets que tout ira mieux
Respire un peu ou..
Ferme tes yeux

(French interpretation)
Whatever it is that is bothering you
I will remove the tears and cradle your pain
I promise everything will be all right
Breathe a little
Close your eyes
Sweet Dreams